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Fashion / 19.03.2014

Although it feels like an endless summer here in Sydney, the cooler months are approaching. Im getting pretty excited for the change of wardrobe especially with all the new arrivals landing into the store daily. Im a little obsessed with white at the moment and with all the white leather options currently available (luxury bags, leather boots and jackets) things are definitely moving away from being so typically dark for winter. I always love mixing whites with neutral tones especially during winter, its unexpected and effortlessly fresh . If you have a fair skin, its always a good idea to layer a...

Fashion / 15.03.2014

With the latest looks from Fashion week, I think its safe to say that Anything Goes. So many styles on trend at the moment its hard to keep up but one of my favourites has to be Monochromes. Colours come and go but Black and White always remains classic, its particularly in at the moment which is great if you like to Play it Safe. Personally ive never been a huge fan of colour as I get bored easily . Ive always been more into neutrals but im currently having a major Black and White love affair. Its always great to get your investment...

Life / 03.03.2014

It makes perfect sense that i have this crazy passion and uncontrollable addiction to Fashion. I come from a long line of women in the fashion industry. My grandmother , Audrey Barwell was a top model in Cape Town , South Africa in the 50's. My mother , Lindi Katz has been in the fashion industry for about 40 years , and has been in fashion retail since she was 18. Ever since i can remember , i would spend every penny i had on clothing. I was forever cutting up and recreating my wardrobe. I studied Fashion Design at LISOF in...