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Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy

What exactly is the definition of a yummy mummy any way? Is it the lady who keeps herself looking too manicured for her own good, as she’s a mum now…so who is she trying to impress? Or is she the one that always looks young and effortlessly cool , and just happens to have a few kids – it seems so easy for her! How does she do it?

You are now a mum, so does this mean that you should instantly forget about yourself and not give your appearance or wardrobe a second thought? The truth is there is just no time! I really do understand what a challenge it can be to get dressed in the mornings. When you need to feed your 3 year old (who never wants to eat) and your 1 year old (who messes on everything she touches), get them both dressed , bags packed , house almost tidy, yourself dressed and out the door by 8am to drop the kids off before heading to work. Did i mention my husband works in construction and leaves most mornings by 6:30am , so not much help from that department. Its not easy!

I think it definitely helps when you have a few items that you can throw on that make you feel good and comliment your body in all the right places. Plan your outfit the night before, and even put your clothes out so its one thing less to think about it in the morning . In my experience, a fashion crises usually coincides with the phone ringing, your toddler having just emptied the entire contents of the pantry onto the kitchen floor, and your 3 year old needing the toilet – when you should have already been out the door 10 minutes ago. We like to avoid these situations 🙂

Wether you’re a working mum or stay at home mum, I believe you need to get yourself dressed for the day. On the days that i have have landed up staying in my active wear all day without make up, I have to say that I really dont feel great and it seems as though i never even started the day. Im not saying that you should get all dressed up if you are doing grocery shopping and taking the kids to the park, but there are many great looks you can try without too much effort as long as you have the right pieces in your wardrobe to start with.

I know that being a busy mom does not leave much time to shop and think about yourself. So i have put some items together for you, hope this helps….

Top staple items that I think every mum should have in her wardrobe: (click on the links to shop now)

A Relaxed pair of boyfriend jeans

A Pair of Skinny or Straight Leg Jeans

A few fabulouse tee shirts (dont be scared of white – just keep the Preen handy)

Machine Washable Knits

A pair of comfortable loose print pants

Flat Sandals

Flat boots

Pair of cool looking sneakers

A leather jacket you can dress up or down.

A denim Jacket or Denim Shirt

A great handbag (big enough to fit all the baby things)

Lastly, below is one of my comfortable, easy looks for every day when hanging out with my kids…

x J

yummy mummy 6


isabel shoes

jeans 2

close up knit

kim and zoz

What Im Wearing: (click on the links to shop now)

Me and Moo knit (available in store, online soon)

Adriano Goldschmied Jeans in Beau Flyaway (slim boyfriend)

Kim and Zozi bracelets

Isabel Marant Basley Boots






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